matchy matchy with a gnome

I bet you’re all wondering, where in the world is her icy beverage? After all she did declare it the must have accessory of summer. Well folks I’ve changed my mind, and i do that a lot, so get used to it. As of now it’s all about garden gnomes! He’s just so darn cute he takes any outfit to the next level. PLUS he’s rocking those overalls pretty hard, i think we make a cute couple. 




* This lovely tan i am sporting is all thanks to my photo taking challenged mom somehow ending up in the sepia setting. I’ll take any tan i can get, so thanks Momma J 

Top & Shirt: Aritzia (Wilfred) 

Sandals: Michael Kors

Sunglasses: Fossil 

Purse: Roots 




Eye heart you

my dream of becoming a real life emoticon has come true. Really who wouldn’t want to have hearts as eyes? Anywhooo i digress, I’m all about white this summer, scary, i know. Especially when you’re as messy as me. People keep telling me to take chances, so this is me taking a chance! Let’s see how long i can last without staining this bad boy!



Top: Anthropology

Jeans: Joe Fresh ( i legit live in them)

Shoes: Gap

Purse: Roots

Tiny pink umbrella

Okay, it’s settled, the “IT” accessory of the summer is a cold beverage. Preferably ones served in a fresh pineapple with a tiny pink umbrella stuck in the side.



Dress: Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Zara

Shoes: Converse

Purse: Roots Canada

Glasses: Fossil

the best accessory

Accessory of the day: iced chai tea


10 points to the person who can find my little gnome friend first

Stripped Shirt: Joe fresh

White Undershirt: 3.1 Philip Lim for Target

Jeans: Joe Fresh

Sandals: Joe Fresh 

Sunglasses: Fossil 

friends who dance together stay together

Not only do my friends have some pretty rocking dance moves, they know how to dress. Yes even the one in the polar bear boxer shorts ( hiiii michelle) … didn’t Alexander Wang make pyjama shirts cool/ expectable to wear in public … case in point she’s on trend 😉

ps – my dutty wine is so lame, short hair just doesn’t have the same dramatic effect