Take me on vacation … Greece is calling my name

I may not being going anywhere exotic anytime soon. Which sucks, i agree. But that doesn’t mean i can’t dress as if i’m somewhere, where palm tress are plentiful and the ocean is as blue as blue can be ( cough cough GREECE ). Denial can sometimes be very inspiring when it comes to getting dressed! 


Holla at your girl if you’re going somewhere tropical in the near future!

Pants: Joe Fresh

Blouse: Old Navy 

Sandals: Michael Kors

Purse: Kate Spade

Sunglasses: Fossil/Marc Jacobs 


A wanna be hippie


Sometimes i wish i grew up in the 60′ & 70’s … correction all the time i wish i grew up in that era, especially in the summer. Something about long hair (which i don’t have anymore), flared pants and sunshine makes me feel all warm inside. So here’s my weak attempt at channeling my inner hippie 

I hope i make you proud poppa j 



Pants: Billabong

Shirt: JoeFresh

Jacket: Banana Rebublic

Sunglasses: Fossil

Shoes: Aldo 

Purse: Roots 

what’s cooking good looking ??


Since i’m no help when it comes to cooking (I’ll hail kraft dinner!). It’s very rare to catch me in the kitchen,unless i’m shoving my face with snacks on snacks on snacks because that i am VERY GOOD at. Let’s just get in clear my cooking are way below average. Last week i tried boiling an hard boil egg, major fail. Which is why my hilarious mother thought it would be equally as hilarious to document this rare sighting of me wanting to help prepare dinner, causing this “photo shoot” to unfold and in reality me just snacking on treats in the fridge. Maaaa bad, i’ll get you tomorrow night momma j!




Pants: Joe Fresh 

Blouse: Philip Lim for Target

Jacket: Momma J’s vintage Levi’s jacket

Sandals: Steve Madden 


Who says you can’t wear a houndstooth dresses in May?  Well you know what, when it’s freaking frigid as frigid can be, i say break dem rules and throw all caution to the wind! 


Dress: Joe Fresh

Jacket: Banana Republic

Shoes: Aldo

Sunglasses: Fossil

Bag: Roots Canada 








Karate kicks for snazy sneaks are more then necessary. These Limited edition Nike Free 5.0 make me want to jump for joy all the way down the street. 

ImageJeans: J Crew boyfriend jean

Shirt (First pic): J Crew 

Shirt (second pic ): Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Leather Jacket: Banana Republic