Alwaysjonesing is about me Rachel Jones always wanting to experience the next best thing, either it be a fashion trend, a weird food concoction or a crazy concert and the trials and tribulations i go through to make it happen. Anyone and everyone who knows me also knows that i have a sever case of FOMO ( fear of missing out) the anxiety i get when i feel i might be missing out something is the real deal.You will come to learn i have no chill. I look forward to sharing these experiences with you … oh and you’ll also learn i have a tendency of oversharing … at least i waned you !




Just like a good hair day can make or break a day so can a good outfit. Nothing puts a bigger “perma”smile on my face then a hella good ensemble ( other then my family, being healthy, getting paid, eating, concerts etc etc) but you already knew that.



*just me being me and almost face planting it.

Dress: Joe Fresh

Jacket: The Gap

Boots: Rag&Bone

Glasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

kanye knows best

When you’re waking down the streets of the big city and you come across the wise words of Mr. Kanye West painted across a building and these words happen to be “duttywine round all these Jamaicans” you better stop what you’re doing and do just that. So you better bet your bottom dollar I flung my hair round and round, in a way only appropriate for the club and loved every moment of it. Thanks Mr. West!

photo 2

photo 1-2photo 3-1photo 1-2

Hat: Rag&Bone

Sweater: GAP

Jeans: Urban Outfitters – BDG

Boots: Clarks

Jacket: Banana Republic

mercedes benz start up

Since NYFW is just around the corner, i thought i would share the baby version i got the chance to attended. A couple of weeks ago the fancy shmancy mercedes benz dealership in burlington hosted the semi finals in the “start up” competition. Which is a really awesome initiative that shines a light on emerging designers in Canada. The designers that were showcased were, Sarah Stevenson ( who has a target capsule collection under her belt), Laura Siegel, Beaufille, BLAK.I and Sid Neigum. The winner was Sid Neigum, who had beautiful haute couture pieces. Dresses you would imagine wearing to the Met Gala if you were to be so lucky ( me dreaming in technicolor). They clearly caught everyones attention in all the right ways and he was declared the winner of the night. Look out Paris, London and New York because damn this country is full of talent!!

photo-1photo 2-1photo-1

Dress: Peter Pilloto x Target 

Sandals: Steve Madden

Purse: BCBG Max Azria 

Instagram: rachel_jj

it’s just around the corner

Fall is literally just around the corner, and you know what i’m not mad about it. By this time in the summer i’m so over everything hanging in my closet and not to mention the beautiful weather (KIDDING). On the plus side, chilly temperatures means a new season of trends which obviously means some shoppy shoopy is necessary. Another thing i’m never mad about. So naturally i was thrilled when i found this beautiful white peplum blazer/jacket scuba thingy from TopShop this weekend. I feel it’s the perfect transition piece for easing into fall and getting ready for all the bundling we have in our future. 


Jacket: TopShop

Shoes: Coach

Jeans: BDG (Urban Outfitters) 

Sunglasses: Kate Spade 

collaboration celebration

I LOVE clothes (duuur) and i love LOVE love a great deal and when those two great loves of mine can can come together you better watch out! Hence why i friggen love these collaborations target is doing with designers. I know the last one that came out was alllllll the way back in February (tear). But recently i stumbled upon one of the Peter Pilloto rompers that was part of the collection and i was reminded how much i appreciate these affordable collaborations. The count down is on till the AltuzarraXTarget collection hits stores September 14th (39 days away). 

I also love countdowns, i guess you could say that’s my third love in life! (5 months 16 days till my birthday) 

photo 1photo 2photo-1

Romper: Peter Pilotto for Target

Sandals: Steve Madden 

Purse: Kate Spade

Sunglasses: Fossil 

you spin my head right round right round

Remember when you were a little girl and the excitement you got when wearing a dress because that meant spinning round and round in hopes of creating the elusive “cupcake swirl” with the bottom part of your dress? Well i just relived that experience with the help of this exaggerated peplum and man oh man, i can assure you it’s just as fun now as it was back then. People better watch out because i’m going to be spinning down the streets like a human tornado in the hopes of achieving that perfect “cupcake swirl” on a daily basis as of now.

Clearly I can’t wait to flaunt this baby on the d floor and bust a move. It was made to be spun in!

Word to the wise: Be cautious when behaving like a human tornado your “lady bits” can become easily exposed. 


 Dress: ASOS


breaking bad habits

I do this way to often, i buy something relatively expensive, label it as a “going out shirt” wear it once, then never wear it again. This i find so silly of me, so today when i woke up and decided to get dressed for work i thought HELL NO am i leaving you in the closet! I’m going to wear YOU! And let me tell you, my job is far from fancy (i sit in the corner of television studio and roll the teleprompter) far from glamourous! I suggest from now on we all wear our fanciest of fancy clothes when out and about doing the most regular of things. It’s rather liberating. 

photo 2

photo 1-1photo 3

Shirt: Anthropology 

Jeans: J Crew

Sandals: Steve Madden